Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mini Drawings

Some of the mini drawings I've been working on. I'm obsessed with Wonderland's flower ladies ever since childhood so you'll be seeing lots of art inspired by the book.  :) 


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Oh my, my first post!

Hello, lovelies

I'm Engel. I'm bad with words so I'll try to be as specific and quick in every post as I can. I'm an illustrator from Puerto Rico. Though I've tried blogging before, this is my "official" blog page dedicated to art, my art, to be more specific. Of course I'll be posting art from other artists that have become my muses and/or images that are my never ending source of inspiration.

I'll post sketches, work in progress (WIP), paintings and crafts. Hopefully I'll be opening my shop online very soon this year. *fingers crossed*

So..... yeah....  I just want to say: I'm a newbie in this fantastic world of blogging so be gentle to me! :)

Some of my sketches. (WARNING: You'll bee seeing a LOT of Marie Antoinette inspired drawings by me) :)